There's no such thing as a stupid question!  Right??

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How many people can take a tour?

        A:  Tour sizes range from 4 to 14 people. But if you have less than 4 and still want to go, contact us and we can add you to another tour that isn't filled.  


Q: What does a tour cost?

      A: Pricing varies from tour to tour.  If a cost of the tour is not listed on the website, Contact us for details.  


Q: How long does a tour last?

     A: Length of time for a tour is approximately 4 hours.   However, times may vary due to    travel time between destinations.  We will plan to spend at least 45 minutes at each stop on                      the tour.


Q: What should I bring with me?

        A: Your ID (if you plan on drinking alcohol); empty growlers (for beer refills but only what you can carry);  comfortable walking shoes(especially for 'Cultural' Tours) (No open toe shoes for brewery tours.)


Q: What shouldn't I bring with me?

        A: Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be brought on the tour!  (You may purchase beer/wine to take home at each destination); Hard-surface coolers  (All coolers must be able to fit on your lap or under seat.  There will be one cooler on board for shared use.)


Q: What is included in a tour?

        A: Transportion to and from 3 destinations, guided tours at each, bottled water & snacks in between stops, the opportunity to sample hand-crafted beverages, and a light meal at one of the stops. 


Q: Can we combine destinations on a single tour?

        A: Yes.  You can customize a tour to include any combination of the destinations that we offer.  (For example, one can be a brewery, another a winery, and the third a cultural destination.)


Q: Should I or shouldn't I tip?

        A: Tipping is always appreciated!  If you think someone deserves a little extra recognition for their effort, why not tip?